søndag 5. september 2010

Sydney, Cairns and soon Townsville

Its not so easy to take the time to blog so often, but here a little sum-up of whats been going on lately.

So we were in Sydney for three days, and it was awesome! Stayed at base backpackers, which had a nice bar where we got to meet alot of cool people. One of the days were spent getting my EP, 1000 copies fresh off the printer. 600 were sent back home, 400 are being sold/given away during the trip. And I must say, they look so good!!!

We`ve been in Cairns for a few days now, and its been really cool. Rainforest tour with Uncle Brian (not my actual uncle :P), and snorkeling in the great barrier reef. So now Ive actually taken a swim in the Herbal Essences waterfall, and in a volcano! I also swam with sharks in the reef, which was the coolest thing ever. People back home were all saying "wow surfing in australia? Hopefully you wont see any sharks", but when I did we actually jumped into the water and swam with them. Bizarre.

Oh and the two gigs here in Cairns went good, a bunch of the people from Uncle Brians bus tour showed up at yesterdays gig. Thanks guys!!

Thats it for now I guess.

Oh yeah my EP Wash With Similar Colors is out on iTunes now. Give it a listen and tell your friends! Theres also a free song on andreasbryn.com

See ya!

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